Whether someone is looking for a new hair look to start the semester off in style or seeking some beauty TLC after a summer seeped in chlorine and salt water, now is the time to refresh hair. A hair salon near you can make all the difference. Beauty treatments, cuts, styles, colors, extensions, blowouts, bayalage, and accessories are just some of the techniques in a salon’s arsenal to transition a look from season to season. Below are three color-focused changes that are trending this fall. For those seeking hair salons near you in the Dorchester and Boston, MA areas, Sarahy Beauty Center is a trustworthy choice for your hair needs.

 The 90s: Statement Colors

In all aspects of beauty, 90s is the trend for fall 2018. When it comes to color, that means it is time to think punk. Marc Jacobs’ runway captured this trend beautifully by adorning models in bright bold cuts and colors; Jeremy Scoll’s runway went in a similar direction with this trend, opting for neon. Cropped bobs, curtain bangs, and piecey styles brought the 90s nostalgia back in full force.

If more naturally occurring colors are in your wheelhouse, stay with familiar color choices while incorporating other elements of the 90s revival. Ask salon stylists about the latest hair texturizing technologies from sprays to powders to achieve that lived in, grunge look. Inject the 90s into a haircut with a daring bang, wispy textured layers, or unique shapes. 90s icons offer tons of inspiration. Liv Tyler, Winona Ryder, Courtney Love, and Drew Barrymore have a place on fall 2018 beauty mood boards.

  Tweak the Blonde

For the devoted blondes among us who do not like to stray to darker colors, fear not. Bring your blonde into the next season by deepening it ever so slightly. Dirty blonde with darkened roots is in, as is a light, mousy brown. Balmain, Jill Stuart, and Anna Sui all styled models in this color family this season. A lived in, slightly disheveled cut and style complements this look perfectly, giving a modern, live in take.

Of course, some colors transcend season; platinum is one of them. Although notorious for dominating spring catwalks, Vivenne Westwood leveraged this particular blonde to make a comeback at Paris Fashion Week. A edgy 70s mohwak finished the look. Extreme cuts are outside many folks’ realms of comfort, but the coolness of platinum and bleached blonde hair alone can carry someone into the colder months with a modicum of that edge.

The Classic Fall Update: Warmth and Depth

Add some depth and warmth to your color. Every fall, tons of celebrities, runway models, and girls next door alike make these solid, standby autumn adjustments. On the brown scale, consider changing a wheat or mid tone brown to a rich mahogany or cool coco color. For those considering reds, auburn and black cherry tones are a great way to add some fierceness and coziness to your look. Considering the best of both warmth and depth? Go for chestnut or dark chocolate. These shades add intensity and smolder to a natural look. There are so many options within the brown and red color families. A quality salon will help you find the perfect color for you.