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We are located in beautiful Dorchester, MA, five miles from the center of Boston and a mile and a half east of the Franklin Park Zoo. Our stylists at Sarahy Beauty Center love to provide our customers with affordable and professional haircuts, balayage hair, hair extensions and more. We provide services to both men and women, who have the confidence that they will have their needs taken care of. Our skilled professionals understand that time is of the essence for everyone, and strive to provide for the beauty treatment needs of their clients in a timely fashion.

Our services include hair extensions, hair color, Balayage hair, Brazilian blowouts and hair relaxers. Hair extensions use extra hair strands to thicken a person’s natural hair. Here at Sarahy Beauty Center, we use aluminum beads, which are non-reactive to even the most sensitive person, in order to secure the extension in place.

Coloring one’s hair has been done for centuries and has been one way to enhance beauty or change someone’s look entirely. Hair coloring has been a way of expressing one’s self, a way of getting a hair color that they normally wouldn’t be able to naturally have, and enhancing their beauty by choosing a hair color that better complements their skin tone, or just wanted to hide the gray hair that naturally comes with age. There are some benefits to coloring, such as added body. This happens because coloring thickens the hair shaft and can give the hair more body temporarily.

Check out our photo gallery which showcases some of our services, whether it would be highlights, haircuts, curls, or balayage, there is something for you. If you still aren’t convinced, check out our testimonials page. While on the Sarahy Beauty Center website, take a look at our blog for tips and inspiration. There you will find tips on how to have healthier hair, upcoming hair trends and how to keep hair healthy if you have blond hair.

You can set an appointment to meet with one of our stylists either online, on the phone or in person. If you fill out the Saraby Beauty Center from to set an appointment online, you will receive a confirmation message on your phone and by email. If you’re filling out an appointment online, why not go ahead and purchase a gift card before you forget? You can either gift it to someone else for them to use it, or keep it for yourself and get 10% off on hair extensions.


You can visit us in person at:

Sarahy Beauty Center

387 Bowdoin St.

Dorchester, MA 02122