Are you searching for the best Beauty salon? When it comes to the look of your hair, genetics play a crucial role. However, the weather, pollution, your diet, and overall approach to hair care are critical as well. They ensure your “crowning glory” is always at its best.

At Sarahy Beauty Center, Dorchester MA, we aim to provide our customers with affordable and professional hair extensions, haircuts, balayage hair, Brazilian blowouts, and hair color for both men and women. You can be confident that your hair will be taken care of by a skilled and professional hairdresser.

Read on to find out more about what we have learned about healthy hair over the years.

  1. Increase Your Protein Intake

It’s important that you consume a well-balanced diet with enough protein. For instance, if you want to maintain the best scalp and hair health, you should make sure you eat at least 45 grams of protein every day. Keep in mind your hair is mostly made up of protein. Among the best sources of protein include fish, lean meat, poultry, eggs, beans and low-fat dairy products.

Diets that lack enough protein can result in you having brittle, weak hair and loss of hair color in addition to the loss of hair itself.

  1. Know Your Hair

Many people disagree on how often one should shampoo their hair. However, you should realize that it all comes down to individual needs and personal preferences. You should know your hair texture and type, how often you use hair products, and your activity levels. In case your hair is oily, you may need to shampoo it daily, while those with dry hair may need to shampoo it less often.

  1. Increase Your Omega Intake

By consuming lots of omega-3 fatty acids, you may stimulate the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. While they won’t result in your hair growing, they will improve the health of the scalp. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in sardines, salmon, herring, salad, cereal, yogurt, and flax seed.

  1. Incorporate Nuts in Your Diet

One thing that can cause your hair to shed is zinc deficiency. For you to avoid this, you should incorporate nuts such as walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, and almonds in your diet to prevent shedding. You should also drink filtered and clean water, and eat lots of leafy green salads, fruits, and vegetables.

  1. Choose the Right Shampoo

At Sarahy Beauty Center, Boston MA, we advise our customers to use the right styling agent and shampoo to prevent significant hair damage. For instance, you should use products that suit your hair type. Avoid using shampoos that consist of harsh ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate.

  1. Use Oil on Cold Days

Make sure you use oil during cold days. For many people, wearing a scarf or hat is the best way to stay warm. However, when rubbed against the hair, these fabrics result in a rough sensation. By using oils, you will add more shine to the hair in addition to untangling it.

  1. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Excessive stress, blood thinners, overconsumption of alcohol, and low-nutrient crash diets contribute to people having unhealthy hair. Living a healthy life will help you to eliminate most hair problems at during the growth stages.

  1. Use the Best Hair Maintenance Tips

While blow-drying your hair, you should start with the lowest heat setting, and gradually increase as desired. Let your hair air-dry as much as it can, and vary where you place hair-clips and pins to prevent breakage from becoming localized. You should also cut your hair regularly, for example, every 10 to 12 weeks, to prevent split ends and keep hair healthy.

  1. Wash Up and Brush Up

Avoid washing your hair more than once a day and use the right amount of product to cover your hair. Desist from using very cold or hot water and treat the hair gently when wet.

  1. Get Condition-Specific

After shampooing, conditioning your hair is important. It enables the hair to stay shiny, manageable, and soft. You can choose a shampoo with a conditioner that’s in-built or separate conditioner.